ProCare Turf Lab - Turfgrass Disease Diagnosis

Serving green industry professionals such as golf course managers, landscapers, and lawn care companies.


ProCare Turf Lab is Currently Closed

Save Time & Money: KNOW which turf disease to treat.

  • ProCare Turf Lab specializes in turf disease diagnosis.

  • Fast, accurate diagnosis & recommendations by ProCare’s Plant Pathologist.

Diagnosis & Recommendation reports are generally sent within 24-48 hours from receipt of sample.

It's fast and EASY to submit a sample for diagnosis! Read our Easy Submission Instructions then fill out a Turf Sample Submission Form to submit with the sample.

Sorry, we are currently closed. Here are some resources that may help you:

Turf Disease ID ($75) 
Turf Nematode ID ($45)
Disease & Nematode ($100)

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